Saturday, June 07, 2008

Cover Letters and Reference Lists

Don't sweat the small stuff when you are beginning to look for a new job. Here are a few simple first steps:
  1. Determine what type of positions you will seek.
  2. Find job postings that interest you.
  3. Revise your resume using language in the qualities listed in the job postings.
  4. Craft concise cover letters with two or three paragraphs. Paragraph 1: Identify yourself and why you are writing. Paragraph 2: Talk about work experiences related to the posted position AND what value you would bring to the organization. Paragraph 3: Express your interest in meeting with the employer to discuss your qualifications and express thanks for the employer's consideration, providing your contact information.
  5. Compose a reference list that includes the person's full name, title, name of company, email address and telephone number. If the reference has moved on from the company from which he or she would give you a reference, use the new company and then in parentheses note the prior position and company.
  6. Use the same format for the top of your resume, cover letter, and reference list.

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