Saturday, August 28, 2010

Military Resumes Revisited

If you are currently in the military thinking about how to transfer to a civilian job, you need to make a list of your competencies and find what types of civilian jobs are compatible with your military experience.  Then you need a resume.  You can use your performance reports as a guide to outlining your positions, duties, and accomplishments.  Then you must translate the acronyms and abbreviations into plain English.  If you don't, the civilian reader is likely to gloss over your resume and place it aside because he just can't see how your work can add value to his company. 

If someone is helping you on your resume, you may want to refer him or her to this site, which contains a comprehensive list of abbreviations and acronyms:

I am using it now and it has helped significantly.  For more tips how to make your military experience more attractive to civilian employers, see our April 2007 blog posting:

By: Randi S. Lewis, Founder, Resume Boutique LLC.

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