Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blogs and Websites for College Applicants - The Ivy-Bound

By Randi Lewis

It's that time of the year for high school seniors and their parents.  You have submitted your early admissions and early action applications.  You have submitted applications with November 15th deadlines.  Hopefully, you have submitted your application to all schools with rolling admissions.  Some of you are continuing to work on back up applications (which I recommend you do well before December 15th), and others, including those of you who are not applying for early admissions, still have time to submit the remainder of your applications. 

For those of you with Ivy League or similar aspirations, here are a few websites you might find interesting:
  1. "From Hopeless to Harvard,"
  2. Campus Compare,
  3. The College Solution,
  4. Huffington Post blog column,  The writer is a College Admissions Consultant and hosts a website called IvyWise:  Because I do not know the writer, I am not in a position to recommend her services, I think her content could be helpful to you.
In May 2010, we posted three websites that might provide some help to you regarding college interview preparation.  This is the link to the post:  Those sites provide great information to help you prepare for interviews, whether they are with alumni or with the admissions professionals.  Those are great places to start.

For more strategic help on preparing for your college interview, contact Randi Lewis, Founder, Resume Boutique LLC.

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