Sunday, June 30, 2013

Four Things Job Seekers Should Know About LinkedIn

If you are looking for your first job or for your new job, once you have perfected your resume, your next step should be to build or update your LinkedIn profile and then use LinkedIn to help facilitate your job search. 

Here are four LinkedIn basics for you to consider
1.   LinkedIn is a Must.  If you are a college student or a professional and do not have a LinkedIn profile, then you do not exist in the business world.  Put your concern about privacy away and sign up for LinkedIn today. 
2.   Photo and Headline Are Key.  The Two Most Important Things About Your LinkedIn Profile are your Photo and the Professional Headline beside your photo and below your name.  You should add a head shot that looks professional.  You can be creative with your headline.  Use Keywords where possible. 
3.   Your Network - The Bigger, The Better.  Grow your network.  In short, the more people with whom you are connected on LinkedIn, the more likely it is that someone may be able to help you either by connecting you with someone in her company or providing as a reference.
4.   LinkedIn As a Recruitment Tool.  Employers are increasingly using LinkedIn to find candidates to fill job openings through basic searches that cost nothing to the LinkedIn Recruiter that costs thousands of dollars per year.  One thing we suggest is to be strategic about adding skills that are transferrable to the type of position you seek.  When describing your employment, it shouldn't be exactly like your resume, but try to use the Keywords that are required for the new position.

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