Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tips for LinkedIn Job Seekers

An increasing number of recruiters are using LinkedIn as either their primary recruitment tool or as a supplement to their recruiting efforts.  At a minimum, many recruiters will use LinkedIn as another way to check your credentials once you have applied for a position.

Below are three simple tips to maximize your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Include a professional-looking profile photograph.  A photograph has become expected for a proper LinkedIn profile.  LinkedIn profiles that contain photographs are significantly more likely to be viewed by prospective employers.  Dress for the position you seek.  When in doubt, dress up.  It should not necessarily be the same as your Facebook photo. 
  2. Use professional but less formal language on your LinkedIn than on your resume.  You can use the "I" word on your LinkedIn profile but not on your resume.  You can add multi-media like PDF attachments, PowerPoint presentations, videos, or website links to highlight your accomplishments on LinkedIn.  If you have the time, don't just copy and paste your resume into the LinkedIn format. Recruiters are looking for something beyond your resume.
  3. Highlight unique hobbies, activities or talents.  They just might be the tie-breaker that places you at the top of the list of applicants.
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