Saturday, June 09, 2007

Job Fair Tip: Consider It An Interview

By Randi Lewis, Resume Boutique LLC
In April 2007, I provided free resume critiques at a law school job fair sponsored by the Maryland Daily Record ( A few of the students I met knew I both owned this resume business and was a recruiter at a large law firm in town but most did not. Yet, everyone I met acted very professionally even though they were asking me for help on resumes and more. This is something that I, in my role as recruiter, will remember. And if one of their resumes lands on my desk in the future, my vision of their professionalism will be foremost in my mind.
  • I also was struck by how well-groomed and professional looking the vast majority of the students appeared. The few who forgot to "dress up" stuck out. The people who dressed professionally did absolutely the right thing. You always want to dress for your audience - and they did.
  • Don't forget to dress up or dress for your audience when you attend a job fair. In addition, prepare your "elevator speech" about yourself, your academic record and your professional goals and have it ready to use at the proper time. Your next employer could be in the room. ~ ~ 410.602.2500