Monday, April 27, 2009

Job Search - Harder and Smarter

It's April 2009.
Some businesses, organizations and governmental agencies are hiring even in today's uncertain economic climate. But more people are applying for the jobs you want. Take your job search up a few notches. Make yourself standout. Here are a few suggestions:
  1. Federal government jobs are on the increase. Check out weekly. Search trade organization websites. Send your resume and a brief note asking for any leads to any one who might be in a position to help.
  2. Make it personal. Pick up the telephone. Where appropriate call the contact person and try to introduce yourself. You can't do that with federal government jobs but you may be able to make the connection in the private sector.
  3. Polish your resume. One size doesn't fit all. Try not to use a template.
  4. Use Keywords. Study job postings online and create a list of common words and competencies used by the employers. They're called, "keywords." Place key competencies that include key words in a core competency section at the top of your resume just below a profile section that defines/summarizes your professional achievements.
  5. Lock your fear of rejection in a box. Stop planning, revising, and re-writing. Perfect your resume and just start looking for suitable positions. Send your resume to headhunters that post positions.
  6. It's likely to take longer to find a position in this economic climate. Therefore, patience and determination are critical.

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