Sunday, November 30, 2014

Five Simple Interview Prep Tips

What is the most common question we hear from professionals and college-bound students before their interviews?  It is simply,  "Where do I start?"

Interview preparation may vary significantly depending upon the situation.  But here are a few simple places to start:

  1. Research Your Target. Learn as much as you can about the business or college where you will be interviewing. Start with online research. Read everything you can and then read more to gain a sense of the mission, vision, and culture.  If you know someone who could talk with you about the company or college, ask questions. 
  2. Develop A Banner Headline. On a note pad, write down one sentence about WHY YOU.  What is the value you can bring?  That theme should be your core.  If you get stuck on a question, go back to your core to center your thinking.
  3. Create Supporting Bullet Points. This is where your resume will help. Below your banner headline, create a list of your accomplishments, competencies, and strengths, particularly those that relate to the requirements of the job or college.
  4. Answer "WHY THEM?" When you are looking for a new job, there is always a reason why you are looking and why this next employer is attractive to you.  Focus more on understanding why that employer is of interest to you. Keep the reason for leaving as simple and positive as possible. For a college interview, be ready to discuss three things about the school that match your requirements. 
  5. Learn from Others.  The internet has a wealth of information from interviewees.  Be creative with your Google searches.  A few examples:
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