Sunday, May 23, 2010

College Interviews: Preparation is Important

It's that time again when high school students begin interviewing for college admission.  Preparation for your interviews, whether they are formal or informal, will help you feel more confident and present your best.  Take advantage of the offerings by your high school college counselors.  If your school offers mock interviews, participate.  Practice with a parent. 
Make sure you can articulate:
  1. Why this school (know the school's website inside and out - use language from the website in your answer.
  2. Why you (this is how you paint a picture of yourself and why you likely will align with "why this school")
Be prepared to answer questions.  Here are a few websites you might find helpful.  They contain basic interview questions for college interviews.  (lot of good info for college bound people, including chats about particular college interview questions – student to student)

For more strategic help on preparing for your college interview, contact Randi Lewis, Founder, Resume Boutique LLC,

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