Monday, December 24, 2007

Tips for Choosing A Career and Succeeding At Work

By Randi S. Lewis
Career Development Professional and Resume Writer

How do you find an appropriate career? And once you do, how do you succeed? Here are a few tips to consider.

Five Things to Consider When Choosing A Career:

  1. Let your passions help guide your career choices.
  2. Identify the things you do well.
  3. Determine what motivates you (i.e.: public service; financial security; fame; intellectual stimulation).
  4. Develop a reasonably achievable plan to find and pursue careers that would align your passions with your aptitudes.
  5. Take risks and don't be deterred by rejection or failure. Success is around the corner.

Five Tips to Help You Succeed At Work:

  1. Learn your craft by working hard, observing others, participating in relevant workshops, and reading work-related materials.
  2. Listen well, ask questions, don't gossip, and take ownership of your work.
  3. Find a mentor to help guide you through your career.
  4. Treat everyone in your office with the utmost respect, while exuding a sense of gratitude, not entitlement.
  5. Ask for feedback and respond appreciatively to constructive criticism.

Randi S. Lewis

Founder, Resume Boutique LLC

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