Saturday, January 17, 2009

Career Coaching for Women

Are you at that time in your life where you stop and take stock of your career choice and the path ahead? It's helpful to be able to talk about it with a non-family member, non-friend, who has the training and life experience to help you take ownership of your future. One of my clients in 2008 was at that crossroads in search for a different meaning in her life. I helped this business professional, with an MBA and Wall Street experience, to create a powerful resume. More importantly, a career consultant helped her reach a deeper personal understanding and re-define her goals. Robin Kahn, that brilliant consultant, works with women professionals and entrepreneurs who feel stuck. I have known Robin for many years. Her intellect combined with her professional experience and keen listening/analytical skills enable her to make a difference in people's lives. According to Robin,
"these feelings can be especially pronounced at life transitions such as midlife when we may question our purpose, or for businesses looking to get to the next level of growth. As a coach, my goal is to listen to and support clients to get from where they are to where they wish to go."
If you are at that crossroads, contact Robin.

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Sandra Harris said...

Nice Post. Career Coaching is the better option for Women. It has many benefits for us. I like this job. Nice Work..

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