Saturday, August 01, 2009

100 Best Blogs for Your Job Search

If you are a recent casualty of the economy, you will be joining the ever-growing list of professionals who can claim they were the subject of an economic layoff. Although many "experts" recently have opined that the economy is in an upswing, I am not seeing that as a resume writer and interview coach.
  • Frankly, in the last month alone, we are working with professionals at the D and C levels who have been laid off with no notice. We are seeing the same upswing in layoffs of lawyers at all levels.
  • Students with hefty student loans are having difficulty navigating the new economic realities. (If you are a parent of one of those students, we are going to Blog about how you can help them.)
  • On the upside, our clients ARE finding jobs. But, it is taking longer to land new jobs and the job searches require hard work, determination, and focus.
Here is a list of Blogs that may help you in your job search. We are delighted to have made the list of resume blogs. To learn how our resume consultants can help you, visit us at Randi Lewis, Founder © 2009 Resume Boutique LLC. All rights reserved.

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varsha said...

Wonderful article on blogs for job search.
An important point is a resume and cover letter should be the marketing tools that help candidate to land the position that is perfect for him.

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