Friday, December 31, 2010

Tips to Improve Wording on Your Resume

Happy New Year. 

I thought this December 21, 2010 article on was worth sharing with you:  It contains some thoughtful ideas about how to use more impactful language to make your resume stand out.

Randi Lewis


Brad Ellis said...

I was laid off over the summer for about 6 months and I was recently reinstated back in October. However, the market my company is in is not too stable. I was wondering what I should put on my resume for not only my layoff period but what to put now after being reinstated. Yes, as you can tell, I am still looking for something else.


Resume Boutique LLC said...

Hi Brad. If you will email me your resume with a note in the transmittal email that includes the dates you have been employed with your current employer and information about any positions/jobs you had during the 6 month hiatus, I will email you back and let you know what I think you should do. No charge. Randi

David Walker said...

Brad ,

I think each resume is different when your forming an objective about the company you wish to work for. Each resume should start with an objective. This what a lot of people leave out. Each objective is unique for each company. Therefor each resume is different. I wouldn't even mention the layoff in any resume. Makes you sound needy and not worthy.

Resume Boutique LLC said...

Brad and others:

I permitted the third comment to be published but wanted to mention I do not recommend including objectives in a resume unless they are specifically required by the prospective employer.

Randi Lewis

Easy Preparation said...

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