Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Resumes: What Hiring Managers Want in 2011

  • Question:  What do Hiring Managers want to know when considering the resume of a mid-level to senior candidate?  
  • Answer:  They want to know you can solve problems, help the company run more efficiently, and/or help their business make money.
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  • Question:  HOW does that translate to a resume?  
  • Answer:  SHOW, don't TELL
      • Example #1:  if you are a sales representative, writing that you have "excellent sales skills" is telling.  But, writing that you "won 10 consecutive annual sales awards for achieving 110% of plan" is SHOWING.  Because you have made money consistently in the past, the Hiring Manager most likely will infer you will make money for his/her company.
      • Example #2:  if you are a C-Level Executive, writing that you are "responsible for branch office  performance of 30 consultants with an increase in revenues" is telling.  But, writing that your "leadership doubled sales staff from 30 to 60, boosted morale, and revitalized performance, resulting in a 58% increase in sales and a 35% decrease in operational costs," now that is SHOWING.
  • Answer:  HIGHLIGHT Accomplishments | Results | Impact
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These are simple answers to a tricky question.  Every resume is different.  For a free Resume Consult, send me your resume and I will let you know what I think - in plain English - no sales pitch.  

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