Thursday, April 21, 2011

How To Get A Job at a Startup - Advice by A Wise Recent College Grad

Eric Stromberg
Duke University 2010 graduate, Eric Stromberg, gives aspiring entrepreneurs advice on how to land a job at a startup if you aren't a developer, in an April 20th blog post, which you can find on Stromberg, an economics major who chose to work in a NY startup over Wall Street's Goldman Sachs, works at Hunch Inc. His 7 main points:
(1) Know the landscape better than anyone else. (2) Form an opinion and start a blog. (3) Be familiar with the startup culture. (4) Offer a concrete skill (Stromberg tells about mistakes he made in his first interview). (5) Take an internship. (6) Send cold emails. (7) Understand that most people get non-technical jobs at startups through their network, not job postings.
Take a look at Stromberg's blog. It's also reprinted at't-a-developer-2011-4 . Think about how you can apply some of these principles to your job search and interview situation. It's sound advice.
Randi Lewis
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