Thursday, August 23, 2012

Guest Blogger on BlueprintJD: Appearance Matters – Dress for Interview Success

This is a link to the first of four posts I wrote on Blueprint JD's new blog focused on building diversity in the law.  This post was directed to lawyers and law students but is universally applicable to all job applicants 

During late August through October each year, second and third year law students learn to balance classes and studying with interviewing.  This post focuses on appearance and first impressions.  The lead sentence would seem obvious:
"First impressions make lasting impressions. The first thing an interviewer notices is your physical appearance, followed by a friendly greeting with eye contact and a STRONG handshake." 
But not everyone gets it.  Here is a recent example:  two young partners just completed a long day of on campus interviews at a top tier law school.  Both reported separately that one, thirty-minute interview stood out as the "worst interview I've ever experienced!"  The WHY had nothing to do with substance.  They weren't able to get beynd the student's appearance and presentation.  She wore a buttoned down shirt with the buttons open below that which was reasonably appropriate.  What's more, she used the word, "LIKE," after almost every word she spoke.  The student's resume was relatively strong but she did not get a call back. 
Remember that interviewers are thinking about how you would present to clients, colleagues, and others.  You have control over your appearance and presentation.  So, please, follow the basics outlined in the blog posting above so that the focus is on substance, where it should be!!

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